Catch of the Day

October 13th - "It's Always Pissy in Canton" - COMING SOON: a spin-off of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia"
October 8th - "Homeless" Lady caught pissing and mooning camera - WARNING: Female exposes her backside to the camera
October 6th - "No Shoes, White Shirt, No Problems" - Barefoot Girl walking along the shores of the French Piss Riviera
October 1st - Guy caught pooping in alley in Fells Point - WARNING: GRAPHIC
June 10th - "The Piss Spa" - girl pisses on her feet, then rubs them down
June 5th - "13 Pissers" Preview - 8 of the 13 PISSERs caught on the evening of 6/1/13.
May 21st - "The Circus comes to town on Preakness Night" - Almost as entertaining as the Preakness, but we didn't win as much money on these 2 girls
May 15th - "What would your Mother think?" - Girl in thong caught pissing.
May 11th - "Who said Chivalry is Dead?" - Guy helps his girlfriend pee in an alley.
May 8th - Guy caught pissing in Fells Point on security camera - 1st viewer submission & 6 Ways to Make an A$$of yourself in Canton
April 29th - "2 drunks pissing, ends with 1 knocked out" - 2nd pisser pees on 2 different cars
April 19th - "The 30 Pack Pissers" - A Wednesday Night in the 1st District
April 10th - "Throw a B*!$# a roll of toilet paper" - Her words, not ours
April 8th - Daylight Pisser Ruins Sunday Dinner - one of 5 daylight pissers on Sunday, April 7th
March 24th - 1st International Conference on Pissing in Public - a typical weeknight in the Alley
March 17th - "We're going to be the best roommates ever!" - Girls in thongs caught pissing
March 8th - "Dude, you're pissing on my car!" - this really happened