December 4th - Drunk Guy pissing in the middle of the sidewalk outside of Vaccaro's - No Fear, No Respect
August 16th - Drunk Pisser wishes our friend Happy Birthday! - We here at are on a limited budget, no $$$  for a real Magic Mike.
July 30th - Drunk Guy leaves the Bar with a bottle of Bud Light - Then tries to convince his Buddy to piss with him in the alley
July 24th - Definitely not the Ripken Way - Guy Pissing in the Street, as Buddy in a Ripken Jersey watches
July 12th - FRIDAY's video: Puff, Puff, Give - Guy in Tank Top pisses, drops cigarette, smokes it & Buddy watches???
July 11th - Coed Pissing in the Open at 3:30AM - Dirty from her stripper heels to her thong in her hand
July 10th - Don't Piss on the Milk Crates - It has been a tough couple of weeks for the Milk Crates outside a local bakery
July 8th - 4th of July Clown Pisser - Clown appears to go from 4th of July Parade to getting Drunk to Pissing in an Alley
July 4th - Baltimore City Fireworks, as seen from above the PISS alley - Tune to 3:00 minutes in.  Not as good as the Roof Deck, but better than Pissers
June 27th - What is this person doing?  Our 1st video posted with no evidence of pissing, but inquiring minds want to know.
June 26th - Another Fells Point Pisser: Challenge thrown down --> When will we get out 1st Federal Hill video submission?
June 25th - Kenny Powers (of HBO's Eastbound and Down) Look-a-Like Caught Pissing in an Alley
June 18th - Strangers in the Night: 2 Pissers Enter, One Friendship leaves
June 16th - Bar Hopping & Car Pissing
June 9th - P.E.E.: Piss, Eat, Evade - then Drunk Buddy sideswipes an SUV
June 6th - 1. The 4th Rule of Alley Piss Club
June 4th - 1. the piss smoker  2. Multi-tasking pisser with a duffle bag
May 25th - 1. Guy Caught Pissing by Girlfriend's + Security Camera  2. Guy Caught Pissing on Own Leg
May 24th - 1. The Pisswalker III
May 23rd - 1. Return of the Pisswalker
May 22nd - 1. Tic-Tac-Toe: 3 Guys Caught Pissing in a Row
May 21st - 1. Piss Like a Champion Today
April 9th - 1. Drunk Guy in a Foot Boot pissing  2. Drunk Girl pissing somewhere in Baltimore, courtesy of youtube
April 5th - 1. Drunk guy pissed + puked in alley  2. Twilight Actor Bronson Pelletier pissing in LAX airport
April 2nd - 1. Blind Guy Pissing as part of prank
April 1st - 1. Drunk Guy in Tie caught pissing  2. Drunk girl caught pissing in Daylight and then falls over drunk
March 26th - 1. 2 more drunk girls pissing  2. Delaware Blue Hens/Joe Flacco fan pissing on own car
March 25th - 1. Nervous guy pissing  2. Drunk guy falls into his own piss
March 14th - 1. Captain Morgan pisser  2. Nebraska tailgating girl pissing
March 13th - 1. Drunk guy eating hot dog pissing  2. Girl in Fells Point pissing
March 8th - 1. Spring Breaker pisser  2. The Pisswalker